Fire – The most primal element of our world

When I took the island of fire mountains to my heart, I quickly realised that Lanzarote would become a main inspiration for my art. Bright reds combined with anthracite tones show the explosions that have made this paradise grow out of the seabed.

Magma – Luminous, captivating, powerful, shaping – All the rock on the volcanic island was created by it and even though it often seems destructive to us, it is the cornerstone of all life here.

Like a ghost from a bygone era, the energy of lava glows around the volcanoes of Lanzarote shining in the sun. A powerful and radiant combination for every Lanzarote lover.

Blazing hearts in fire and flames, full of energy, full of the will to live.

An angel of fire, the boats of burning longing – The fascination with angels has accompanied me for years and so I give the wings I find on the beaches of Lanzarote new life as angels in my artwork.