Earth – A changing world

Lanzarote seems almost the whole year barren with its barren lava seas and volcanoes, only sporadically one sees palms and smaller ground plants. From time to time the sand wind “Kalima” from the Sahara clouds the view. But once a year, when the rainy season comes, the island blossoms and shows the fertility of the volcanic soil, a true color phenomenon.

Einfach, einfarbig, beruhigend, verschwommen – Der Kalima legt sich wie ein Sepiafilter über Lanzarote – ein Effekt der uns innekehren lässt.

Depending on the weather phenomenon, the earth of Lanzarote is bathed in a different color dress.

Hearts grounded, warm and colorful.

Just as the magma glows in shades of red, the spring of Lanzarote shines in a wonderful blaze of color. Green spheres mix with orange, brown and yellow tones of flowers, volcanoes and sun rays.